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I can tell you right off the bat that the information you are providing is literally encouraging the public to keep illegal footprints that they find injured or fallen from the nest. It`s a shame that misleading articles like this exist. People who catch eagle owls have previous experience or are falconers, but are not kept as pets. I would recommend talking to falconers and they can explain why these animals are not pets and educate you more about the dangers of promoting them as such. Have a nice day. Yes, I am annoyed that falconers think that only hunters should be able to own these birds. Either these birds are suitable for captivity, or they are not suitable. I think I should have the same right to own something you would hunt, even if it means training and paperwork, this process should NOT be limited to people who hunt for fun. It looks like these birds do so badly in captivity, maybe hunters should also leave them alone and use dogs, ferrets, guns or go to the damn supermarket. Shaver`s Creek Environmental Center: “Become an owl trainer. If you want to buy an owl from a breeder, you need to contact a breeder and ask for availability.

Many breeders keep owls as pets, so they do not always offer young owls for sale. You`ll probably have to leave a deposit and wait until the owl is old enough to leave her parents before taking her home. Question: Are larger, prettier, more exotic moth species legal here in Florida? As unusual as it may be, some people are obsessed with these types of wild birds. Capturing them is not a problem in itself. The question arises as to whether it is legal to keep them as pets. Owning non-native owls is legal, but you`ll need to check with your state`s laws, as some don`t explicitly allow it. Some of the owls you can keep as pets are the eagle owl and the speckled owl. But if you`re really willing to get the job done, do your research, and provide your owl with an environment in which to thrive, then you might be responsible enough to keep an owl. But responsibility is not enough; If you can`t provide them with a good environment or can`t afford to meet their needs, you`re better off having a low-maintenance pet. Florida is one of the few states that grants permits and allows people to possess this well-known rabies vector. However, in other states such as Alaska, California, Connecticut, Colorado, Hawaii, Iowa, Massachusetts, Oregon and Wyoming, it is forbidden to keep owls. So if you tried, you could potentially face serious legal consequences.

Answer: Snowy owls are native birds. They are only legal with falconry permits. Great horned owls have a wingspan of up to six feet, which can give an indication of the size of their dew and weathering park to make them feel comfortable. Some experts recommend having a pen at least 20 feet high. In addition, they can weigh four to eight pounds and collect large prey such as foxes and young deer from the wild. Some states do not have such a hard line. As long as you meet certain government requirements, you can keep an owl as a pet. In Idaho, for example, as long as you can prove that your home owl doesn`t pose a threat to agriculture, ranching, and the environment, you can apply for a permit to keep the bird as a pet.

In other words, the restrictions on licenses and study permits are very strict, making it very difficult to legally keep a Raptor in a family environment. A “pet owl” is usually an owl that is kept illegally. The relationship that falconers have with their birds is extraordinarily unique, it is a working relationship. It`s definitely not the same as pet owners. However, the use of falconry training techniques is essential to own a bird of prey. Ultimately, I think just because your state doesn`t specifically prohibit you from getting an owl doesn`t mean you should have one. While some exotic animals may be easy to care for, an owl is not one of them. Although they are not very large animals, their natural behavior, needs and legal requirements require a lot of work.

So unless you really need an owl for exhibition or education purposes, here`s why you shouldn`t get an owl. Note that for states where we say you can or are allowed to keep an owl, it`s best to check with your state government just to be safe. In most cases, there may be a hidden warning where possession of an owl can only be for specific purposes. I own a hawk owl that I rescued from the clutches of a coyote. It was a young bird that couldn`t fly and would have been for the coyote if I hadn`t stopped that. The Anubus owl has been living and travelling with my wife and I for ten months. Anubus is the best pet we have ever owned and has become the third person in our relationship lol. But seriously, we share our home and room with Anubus and there`s nothing the two wouldn`t do to keep our bird happy and healthy. People also need to understand that you need to be self-employed or retired because the bird has to spend a lot of time there. I advise against owning one if you can`t provide it.

Food is also expensive. Chicken-partridge mouse salmon and everything must be fresh. Owning an owl is not legal in most countries. For example, the United States does not allow humans to keep owls unless they are trained and authorized or use their owl for breeding or educational purposes. Even then, the owl is not considered your pet. KUzpO In most states, non-native owls are legal, as the article states. And owls are notoriously messy eaters. The feeding process involves tearing the prey to shreds to eat small bites, and this mess must be eliminated after each meal.