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In 2012, high schools also had to switch to BBCOR-stamped bats. What manufacturers are essentially doing is killing the bat to bring it as close as possible to the power of wooden bats. Snodgrass explained the process high school baseball had to go through. Parents of high school baseball hitters face countless options when it comes to buying equipment for their kids. The higher the BBC score, the more stable and protective the ball. A high rating from the BBC ensures that less energy is wasted during the game, resulting in an improved experience for players The number one reason MLB uses wooden rackets is safety. MLB`s highly skilled hitters regularly hit balls flying at over 100 miles per hour. “(BBCOR is) a fancy term, but basically a measure of the speed of a ball coming from a racquet. And as you may know, BBCOR rackets are significantly less “live” than the old BESR (Ball Exit Speed Ratio) rackets. Clubs should not be painted or marked in a way that would give players an advantage over their opponents. There are only certain types of wood that can be used to make bats, with maple being the most common choice among high school baseball teams across the country. Teams are allowed to use two bats per player during matches. If high school baseball switched to wooden bats, there would be a learning curve and it would certainly take some time for players to get used to the new bats.

It may not mean much to the pros, but it helps inexperienced high school players hit the ball better, with more accuracy and speed. Athletes will know that they are using the right racquet because it has a stamp. This pad is located directly above the handle or at the level of the racket effilement. Most wooden bats do not have this stamp because the purpose of BBC certification is to make non-wooden bats like a wooden bat. Outside of California, all BESR-certified baseball bats with alloy cannons remained legal until January 1, 2012. As of January 1, 2012, all non-wooden baseball bats used in high school games must be BBCOR certified. With professionals using wooden bats, many people think that these racquets can be used at any level of baseball. You can watch this video on BBC standards to get a better idea of the requirements a high school baseball bat should meet when hitting a high school field. Secondly, the barrel of the racquet should not be less than 28 inches.

Finally, you should not use any type of metal on the racquet other than wood. Snodgrass knows that many players have their own racquets, but believes that just because the rackets can break would put school expenses in a difficult situation. Bats should be checked regularly for cracks, knots or other damage that could affect their performance or cause injury when used at high school baseball games. It`s important to purchase an approved racquet if you want to participate in a sanctioned game – even practice sessions – as using an unauthorized racquet can result in penalties and fines from your coach or league administration. Officials noticed a high number of home runs and increased offensive performance before implementing the BBC`s requirements. The safety of the pitcher was also questioned due to the higher speeds when the ball came out of the racket. Essentially, the ball could come out of the racket at much higher speeds than when throwing. The three bats listed lost their certification with the game in high school and college. CF Zen 2 3/4 Drop 10 was only banned from the NCAA game, while the other two were also banned from high school baseball.

These racquets tend to break easily, which can lead to serious injuries to players. Be careful when using these rackets if you want to take your game up a notch. To use a bat in baseball in high school, bats must have a silkscreened mark with the letters “BBCOR”. Many two-piece bats are illegal because they are not made of a single piece of wood. “I`m all for wooden bats. Personally, I like them better than the bats we use now. When it comes to funding, the cost can be cheaper with more bats. The bats we use are really expensive, just for a bat. This reduces overall costs and makes it possible to buy more bats at the same time. Another thing would be the weather. If it drops to a certain temperature, it can ruin those BBC bats. That`s a lot of money that`s going to be ruined.

I just wish we went back to the old BESR bats and called it a season,” Swartzmiller said. Ohio High School Homecoming Game Gets Special Attention for Smart Helmet Technology Hitters should use approved wooden bats to get the best performance and protection from injury. The dimensions of an approved baseball bat are 29 inches long, 12 ounces of weight and 1 3/8 inches of barrel diameter at the thickest point of the handle. High school baseball bats should have a smooth cylindrical shape from cap to button. The standard applies to non-wooden bats and their goal is for metal bats (aluminum) to perform more closely than wood. You can read more about the testing process on the official Sports Science Lab website as well as in a database of approved bats. Searching for a product in this database is a quick and easy way to ensure that your child is using a bat that meets official requirements. The short answer is yes, you can use wooden bats in high school baseball.

Major League Baseball is also trying to discourage players from using low-density bats, which end up with large barrels of sacred cups. “On the cost side, it`s definitely important today. However, since most children have their own bats, the majority of schools today don`t really experience much expense. And given the possibility of breaking a wooden bat, if all is said and done, it could be a wash for a school,” Snodgrass said. Many two-piece bats are illegal because they do not have a screen print stamp with the letters “BBCOR”. Bats must meet certain dimensions to be used in adult baseball games – these include a length of 34 inches, a weight of 2 pounds 14 ounces or less, and a width of 1 inch or less from the run to the end of the handle. This includes wooden bats, metal bats with barrels less than 2.25 inches in diameter, and any bat that has been altered in any way. “We have a couple in the cage and the kids really notice a difference.

If there is ever such a change, coaches should teach kids to hit with wooden bats,” Staab said. “The inner seats need to be beaten forward instead of letting them get into your hands. Another thing to consider is player safety. Broken bats could be a potential hazard. An indoor pitch on BBC rackets is a slow roller and the racquet is always usable. BBCOR is a standard for regulating the amount of energy lost when the player comes into contact with the bat in baseball. A higher BBC score means less energy wasted, which means better performance for gamers. However, wooden bats are not subject to these standards and can be used freely in high school leagues. For high school players, the short answer is yes. You are absolutely allowed to use wooden sticks in your league matches. Nevertheless, you are more likely to use a BBC racquet during your games, as they are much more durable and specifically designed to mimic the performance of wooden racquets. With the same education, high schools would see an even greater drop in broken rackets per game.

Because of differences in strength, many high school thugs wouldn`t break in the same situations as Major League Baseball. While most players would say that it is the fault of the wood that the rackets break, the players mainly hit the ball on the wrong part of the racket to cause the breakage.